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About Our Musical Theatre Teams

The Highest Level of Musical Theatre Training for ages 7-19.

World-class training for the UK's most dedicated young performers aged 7-19.


Our PRE-ELITE MUSICAL THEATRE TEAMS run on Saturdays, for 3 hours in London, EC1V - Audition Entry

Our ELITE MUSICAL THEATRE TEAMS run on Sundays, for 3 hours in London EC1V - Invitation Entry 


About Pre-Elite Musical Theatre

All students in this programme have been carefully selected through our audition process. We pride ourselves on compiling teams of performers who share a dedication, work ethic and passion for performing, with the potential to join the most accomplished young performers in the country. 

Performers training in our pre-elite programme are consistently reviewed by our expert faculty, with a view to transferring through to the elite teams when appropriate.

Pre-Elite MT Training takes place for 3 hours on a Saturday.


About Elite Musical Theatre

Students in our Elite MT Programme have been hand-picked and enrolled via invitation. In some cases performers will be invited straight from our audition process, otherwise students will be invited from our Pre-Elite programme when they have reached the level to thrive in this environment. 

Our Elite MT Teams are made up of some of the UK's most accomplished young performers, who are at a stage where they will excel within a fast-paced, demanding, professional-standard setting.

Elite MT Training takes place for 3 hours on a Sunday. All training and rehearsals take place during this time. Students might also be offered optional add-on classes such as choir and/or dance troupe. For particular live events, additional rehearsal time may be required, but we try as much as possible to keep everything within the performer's usual training hours and any event requiring extra time is rare and optional. 


All Musical Theatre Students Receive the Following:

  • Weekly training from top teachers in Singing, Dance and Acting skills, to professional level.
  • Performance opportunities throughout the year, both for our internationally acclaimed YouTube Channel and at live events.
  • A precisely planned combination of on-the-job rehearsal training and technical training.
  • An extremely close-knit, family-like environment where students have all been hand-picked for the programme, share a dedication towards performing arts, and create strong lifelong friendships. 
  • A uniquely creative environment, with consistent opportunities to be a part of innovative, pioneering productions.
  • State of the art studios.

Musical Theatre training involves:​ 

  • On-the-job training where performers rehearse for regular performance opportunities, in an environment where professional standards are expected and learned.
  • Technical Vocal Coaching
  • Ensemble Vocal Work
  • Audition Technique
  • Jazz Technique
  • Choreography pick-up skills
  • Guest Masterclass Teachers
  • Acting Through Song
  • Acting for Screen vs. Acting for Stage
  • Mastering Improvisation
  • True Triple Threat Training
  • Working on Camera
  • Vocal Recording Techniques
  • Recreation of professional performance experience
  • And so much more.


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