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About Pre-Elite Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Training on Saturdays for the UK's most dedicated young performers.

 World-class training for the UK's most dedicated young performers aged 7-20.


 Saturdays, London EC1V


All students in this programme have been carefully selected through our audition process. We pride ourselves on compiling teams of performers who share a dedication, work ethic and passion for performing.

Students will receive the following:

  • Weekly training from top teachers in Singing, Dance and Acting skills, to professional level.
  • Performace opportunities throughout the year, both on video and live.
  • A precisely planned combination of on-the-job rehearsal training and technical training.
  • The opportunity to work within a professional, family-like environmet, where all students have been hand-picked for the programme.
  • State of the art studios.

Our training involves:​ 

  • Technical vocal coaching
  • Ensemble vocal work
  • Audition technique
  • Jazz technique
  • Choreography pick-up skills
  • Acting through song
  • Acting for screen vs. acting for stage
  • Mastering improvisation
  • Triple Threat training  
  • Performing for camera
  • Vocal recording technqiues 
  • Recreation of professional performance experience

And so much more.

Performers training in our pre-elite programme are consistently reviewed by our expert faculty, with a view to transferring through to the elite teams when appropriate.