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About Elite Musical Theatre

The Highest Level of Musical Theatre Training for ages 7-19.

World-class training for the UK's most dedicated young performers aged 7-19.


Sundays, London EC1V


Students in our Elite MT Programme have been hand-picked and enrolled via invitation. In some cases performers will be invited straight from our audition process, otherwise students will be invited from our Pre-Elite programme when they have reached the level to thrive in this environment. 


Our Elite MT Teams are made up of exceptional young talent who are at a stage where they will excel within a fast-paced, demanding, professional-standard setting.


Students receive the following:

  • Weekly training from top teachers in Singing, Dance and Acting skills, to professional level.
  • Regular performance opportunities, including filmed showcases each term and high-profile live events.
  • A professional experience where expectations are high; students are encouraged to work to the highest level in a fast-paced, industry-like environment.
  • An extremely close-knit, family-like environment where students share a dedication towards performing arts, and create strong lifelong friendships. 
  • A uniquely creative environment, with consistent opportunities and the chance to create innovative, pioneering productions.
  • State of the art studios.

Our training involves:​

  • On-the-job training where performers rehearse for regular performance opportunities, in an environment where professional standards are expected and learned.
  • Technical Vocal Coaching
  • Ensemble Vocal Work
  • Audition Technique
  • Jazz Technique
  • Guest Masterclass Teachers
  • Acting Through Song
  • Acting for Screen vs. Acting for Stage
  • Mastering Improvisation
  • True Triple Threat Training
  • Working on Camera
  • Vocal Recording Techniques

And so much more.