"We know that Billy would not receive such a high standard of training anywhere else, which is why it is so worth making the effort to travel so far."

- Adele Vale, parent

"A big THANK YOU to you and your team for bringing out the best in Lilianna, teaching her so well over the past few years and giving her confidence and a love of music and dance.  We are very grateful for all you have done, it has been life changing for the once shy little girl."

- Dara Carr, parent.

"SYPC has contributed hugely to my daughter's development in so many ways. You have  provided her with incredible opportunities and helped her achieve what she never imagined she could achieve. 

So a big THANK YOU. You should be so proud of what you have achieved. You are making such a difference to young people not only in terms of their performance capabilities but also in their personal development."

- Sian Thomas, parent.



"Thank you for everything you have done. As a mother I am proud as punch for her to be part of such a magical team! The children have great teachers who really believe in them, thanks for believing in my little girl."

- Jerri Hoath, parent


"I cannot praise this performing arts school highly enough. My daughter only recently joined but was welcomed warmly into a supportive environment with superb training. Exciting opportunities abound and she is pushed and challenged to succeed and improve every day. It's hard work. She loves it."

- Yell review (parent)


"My daughter has been privileged to have had high quality training from industry professionals."

- Cassie LeFevre, parent.



"Auditioning for Spirit was the best decision I've ever made. People at Spirit have seen me at my worst and my best which just shows how comfortable I feel in the environment there. 

- Eleanor Phillips, age 14.



"I'm positive that he wouldn't have the confidence and abilities he has today and certainly wouldn't have got into drama school if it wasn't for you and your team. He literally changed overnight after he joined Spirit, you have given him so many opportunities and the confidence and belief in himself, so a massive thank you from us."

- Sian Abey, parent.



"Professional, innovative, something unique and fun, as well as value for money."

- Teresa Turpin, parent.



"My daughter has absolutely loved every minute of her time there. Sophie puts together a fantastic performance in such a short amount of time, the standard is extremely high!
My daughter would go everyday if she could, brilliant company!"

- Joanna Moulds, parent.



"I love it. Classes are always fun, but also really hard workbecause such high standards are expected. We're always encouraged to do as well as we can."

- Niamh Murphy, age 18



"I am really proud of how committed and motivated she has been under your guidance and expertise. I really appreciate how professional and what high standards you have set."

- Lily Smith, parent.



"At Spirit YPC, my daughter enters a wonderful world of fun and learning. She comes home glowing: exuding happiness, joy and confidence. Well done to all at Spirit YPC!"

- Sarah Gee, parent.

"Your staff are superb and we’ve never heard Harrison speak so much about what he has learnt in an afternoon. Thank you for bringing my son to a level of happiness I didn't think was possible."

- Kerrie Law, parent

"Spirit is like a family and a place where the kids cant wait to get into class, a happy and supportive enviroment, no other school has the closeness between kids, teachers and parents. The training is of high standard and improvement is so noticeable in such a short time. We are so happy to be part of TEAM SPIRIT." 

- Yell Review (parent)

"The teaching is excellent, the children are amazing and everything is well organised, but best of all, the children thrive on the lessons and come out exhilarated and exhausted."

- Patrricia Wollington, parent


"The opportunities she has experienced since joining the Company have been amazing, ranging from success at competitions and performances at dance conventions, and filming for their YouTube channel, through to opportunities to take classes and workshops with successfully renowned choreographers, professional dancers and globally famous technical dance experts."

- Yell Review (parent)


"Sophie and her team are very good at spotting potential in a child, working on it and then produce amazing results in very little time. They work hard but form very supportive friendships."

- Anna Farrell, parent

"Thank you for all the encouragement you have given Emily and for giving her so much inspiration. She would not have been able to achieve what she has done in the last year without all of your dedication and commitment."

- Naomi Atkins,  parent

"Spirit Young Performers Company provides excellent professional experience for young performers. A great company, packed with creativity and inspiration."

- Lucy Metcalfe, parent



"I love the really close knit environment. Everyone is so supportive and it creates a really encouraging atmosphere. I get to spend every Saturday doing what I love best - it honestly couldn't get any better for me."

- Anna Gibbs, age 16



"I've never seen my daughter so happy and enthusiastic. Well done all. Beautiful and so professional."

- Elizete Reis, parent



"What a fantastic company. So different. Original and such good fun but still with amazing high standards. Staff are fab and great with the children. Highly recommended."

- Katy Wilderspin, parent



"I would recommend them in an instant."

- Lynda Hill, parent



"I love going to Spirit. It offers great experiences and really talented people. We're like one big happy family.""

- Amelia Farrell, age 11



"My daughter comes out of class beaming."

- Mary Brown, parent



"The team behind this are massively talented and full of enthusiasm and it rubs off on the kids. Highly recommended."

- Phoebe Fenton, parent



"Spirit YPC strive to get the best out of the performers who attend. They make it fun and enjoyable and the results speak for themselves!"

- Tracey Andrews, parent.


London, UK (NW5 and EC1)