Composed by Sophie Boyce and Fred Feeney.

Video link here.


You could say it was online obsession

Stephanie would make it her profession:

Posting selfies like the social legends

With duck-lips


A caption saying ‘get it trending’.


Things start picking up, the ball is rolling.

And Stephanie ensures that you keep scrolling.

Before you know it, Stephanie’s patrolling

in high-heels


through sponsorship with Misguided.


She’s calling ‘follow me and see’

Building foundations of a social legacy

Alfie Days dropped into her live stream

And so the numbers grow...


Cos it’s a numbers game

gotta do what it takes

to win the numbers game

gotta move, gotta shake

see how she’s making a name, she’s

playing the game her way.


Cos it’s a numbers game

She is engaging in

Yeah it’s a numbers game

And she’s in it to win

accelerating to fame, she’s

playing the game her way

O.M.G she’s at 50k.


Now she’s a looker, so I took my chances

Slid her a DM with my best advances

And like a politician Stephie answers:

“I love my admirers,

now make sure you become subscribers!”


Becomes ambassador for Coach and Asix,

Uses her platform to shame homophobics.

Self-proclaimed ‘fandom’ call her ‘so heroic’.


gets better;

She’s re-posted by KYLIE JENNER!


She’s calling ‘follow me and see’

Propelling forward with her social legacy

One of her pictures has become a meme

And still the numbers grow...


Cos it’s a numbers game

If you want to compete

Know it’s a numbers game

And she’s ranking elite

Then she cleans up again, she is

Building acclaim her way


Cos it’s a numbers game

Got an ace up her sleeve.

To win this numbers game

then you’ve got to achieve

an audience to reign, one that

she entertains her way

O.M.G it’s three hundred K.


Stephanie how bout a selfie with me?

Tag me in it, send them likes my way!

The attention just one post will give me!

Take another picture with me!

Will you give me a shout-out today?


How about a story takeover?

Or maybe a YouTube makeover?

Or can I be a stakeholder?!

And watch my numbers grow...



Yeah it’s a numbers game

Had to dedicate years;

Survived the numbers game

Because I persevere.

It takes a business brain

One that knows how to sustain a brand

But this is getting so out of hand



Cos it’s a...


It’s plain to see she’s gotten so big headed

I took that picture, where’s my photo credit?

And now an image of her circles Reddit

Zoella beside her

Then Instagram VERIFIED HER!


She’s calling ‘follow me and see’

Becoming clear she thinks that she’s celebrity.

But we’ve decided overwhelmingly:

What goes up must come down.


If it’s a numbers game

We won’t fall for her hype

Reduce her numbers game

When you hit unsubscribe

Since she won’t share her fame

She has only herself to blame.


Yeah it’s a numbers game

And there’s further to fall

When those who built your name

Are so over it all

If it’s a numbers game

There are more of us here to shame


Yeah it’s a numbers game

When you rise to the top

Then the whole numbers game

Means there’s further to drop

When there’s no more to gain

Pull her back down to earth again


O.M.G it’s five hundred

O.M.G it’s eight hundred

OMG she’s just hit one mil.




London, UK (NW5 and EC1)