DANCE CLASS. Saturday 20th June. 5pm-6pm.

With Spirit faculty member, Jac O'Kody, whose company 'O'Kody Arts' is responsible for the Black Books Matter scheme.

Ages 7-19.

Open to non-Spirit-students.

Pay What You Can. 100% of class proceeds go to Black Books Matter.


Black Books Matter

Books have the ability to inspire young people while educating, enlightening readers about their history or for others truths they don’t live. They also are able to share positive stories of those they may not see of both themselves and others regularly in mainstream society. This is why we believe Black Books Matter is an important way to educate and inspire young people of all backgrounds. Our aim is to ensure every young person feels unique while creating open minds, tolerance for others and growth; so young people can be accepting and proud of the diverse world we live in.

 Black Books Matter gives access to racially diverse books and  through outreach work with charities and youth clubs we plan to get over 400 books into homes in the next month. We can’t wait to share with you the next part of our journey in how we will be working within the community and schools.


Black Books Matter in Homes

We are currently in our first phase of the 'Black Books Matter' Scheme - getting books in homes. 

We are providing 3 books in each of our bundles, and contain books which explore history, inspiring stories , books with black protagonists and stories that educate young people on the racially diverse communities we live in today, to promote acceptance.

Read more about Black Books Matter here.



1. Pay what you can, by using the 'donate' PayPal button below.

2. Email to inform us that you've paid, plus the performer's name, age and email address.

3. On Saturday 20th June, a link will be sent to you to join the class via Zoom.

4. Your performer will participate in a 1 hour dance class with Spirit faculty member, Jac O'Kody.

5. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Black Books Matter.