We are looking for a cast of top-class performers, who already have a lot of quality performing arts training/experience. This is due to the professional nature of the workshop and the huge responsibility of the cast to bring this new production to life. There are parts for singers, dancers, actors and triple-threats - full casting breakdowns can be found here.


If you are a less experienced performer then this particular project might not be for you, but we would recommend Spirit YPC's 'Musical Theatre Bootcamp' to help take your skills to professional level. The bootcamp takes place from 16th-20th August. More info here





ROUND 1:  Self-Tape Auditions

Submit your self tape by the deadline of 5th May by clicking here

For the self tape please introduce yourself (name, age and a bit about you, including any additional skills), then sing a song of your choice (ideally musical theatre, it can be just a verse and a chorus)

To upload your self-tape please use WeTransfer, Google Drive, YouTube or similar.

ROUND 2:  Recall Auditions

A number of performers will be selected for recall auditions.

Recalls will take place in person on Saturday 15th May at a London location. Please keep the full day free for this.

Note: everyone who submits a self-tape will receive a response one way or the other.

Cast Notified

The cast will have been chosen and confirmed by Sunday 29th May 2021.