Our next auditions are on Sunday 19th January 2020

Audition Location:

Arts Ed

14 Bath Road,


W4 1LY

Nearest station: Turnham Green (District Line)

Audition Timings:

Musical Theatre: 11.30am - 2.30pm

Dance Company: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

MT and Dance: 11.30am - 4.30pm

Singing Teams: 11.30am - 12.30pm


Future Auditions:

Sunday 26th April 2020

Sunday 5th July 2020

To Prepare...

Musical Theatre / Singing Team Applicants should have a song prepared (to sing a cappella) and wear suitable dance-wear.

Dance Applicants should bring ballet shoes, jazz shoes and trainers if they have them. Have hair suitably off face and clothing appropriate for dance.

All applicants will also have a short interview with the panel.

What to Expect

We work hard to make sure our auditions are fun, rewarding, supportive and educational - regardless of the outcome.

Applicants will sing (if applicable), take classes with our faculty and get to chat with the staff and heads of Spirit YPC, as well as some of our students.

We do not expect everyone to be a pro already! We're looking for passion and potential. 

If Successful...

Successful applicants will either be offered an immediate placement, or a spot on our waiting list (subject to availability of spaces in appropriate class).

Your first week at SYPC will be a trial week before making the full commitment to the team.

Find out more about our classes here:

Musical Theatre Company

Dance Company

More FAQ's...

Is there a charge to audition?

The audition fee is £15 for a 3 hour audition (MT/Dance Company) or £5 for anyone only auditioning for Singing Teams/Choir. These fees cover taking classes with our industry professional faculty and being reviewed by our expert panel.

Can I Audition for Everything?

Absolutely! We have many students who are members of both our Musical Theatre Company and Dance Company.

I do not have much previous training - is it worth me auditioning?

In applicants, we are looking for passionpotential and work ethic. If we can see you have the potential to excel, we will do the training. It is always worth auditioning.

I am currently performing professionally - can I still audition?

Absolutely! Many of our students take on professional contracts in West End or UK tours whilst training with us. When children have professional commitments, we do all we can to accommodate and help them catch up on any missed sessions.

I want to audition for Musical Theatre. Do I have to be equally strong in singing, dancing and acting?

We have different musical theatre teams catered towards different skill-sets. For example, some teams are catered to those who are strong singers who need more dance training and vice versa. The best way to find out is to audition, and we will advise whether you are suitable for any of our groups.

If I audition for Dance Company, do I have to attend all of the Dance Company Classes?

If you are successful in gaining a place in the Dance Company, you can attend as many or as few YDC classes as you wish. Only when you are in the competition team do all Saturday classes become compulsory.

If I am successful, will I be able to perform to camera for your YouTube Channel?

Yes, our Musical Theatre Teams (both elite & pre-elite), Singing Groups and Dance Competition Team regularly produce performances that are professionally filmed for our YouTube Channel.

If I am successful, what is my commitment to Spirit YPC/YDC?

Students are expected to continue their training with Spirit indefinitely, until we receive written notice. Fees are paid on a term-by-term basis, with four terms per year.

Dance Company Competition Team members must commit to a full year in order to see through their competition schedule. 

Are there any classes I can attend without auditioning?

Yes. Our Open Programme provides dance training to performers without need to audition. More information can be found here. The classes are suitable for dedicated, hard-working young dancers. To enrol, please complete this form.

Ready to audition? Complete the audition form HERE.

Still have questions? Call us on 020 7081 2635


London, UK (NW5 and EC1)